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Knock Knock

Rei stood behind your door, fidgeting quite nervously then he should. He came to return your (College Major) textbook, which you carelessly on the kitchen table. He decided, as a good friend, to return it to you respectively. Not because he wanted to see you, even if you guys lived in the same building, ha ha ha, wrong.

A minute has passed since Rei knocked and he started to question why you didn’t respond. When he was about to do it a second time, the door creaked open slightly, making him flinch a bit. He then peeked his head through the opening.

“(Name)?” Rei said, as he now stepped into your room, his purple eyes glancing for your figure. He was pretty sure that you were in here.

“I have your-”

He then ceased his talking, as soon as his eyes landed on your bed.

You were on your bed, sleeping blissfully, surrounded by various books and homework, probably for your classes.
You let out a soft snore as you shifted, making some of the items on your bed move a little. Sleeping in a fetal position, Rei smiled at this action.

He set down the book on your desk, walking towards you to clear some things on the bed, then sitting on the spot. He stared at you sincerely, reaching his hand out to stroke your soft (h/c) hair. You hummed softly, nuzzling a little against his delicate touch. He then consciously, leaned and placed the gentlest of kisses on your forehead. He loved you so much, he would do anything to please you so. Even if you were quite eccentric at times.

With his instincts taking place, he cleared more of your work out of your way, being as silent as possible. Grabbing books and notebooks from the bed, he noticed your laptop was still on. Putting the items on your desk, He leaned forward, careful not to touch you, and picked up the device.

He placed it on his lap, proceeding to turn it off. Rei noticed you had a document file, better yet files , on the contraption. He wasn’t one to snoop or do anything of the matter. He looked at you once more, you still sleeping soundly.

‘One look wouldn’t hurt, besides if she wakes up I can tell her I was checking for errors.’ He thought to himself, clicking on the document file.



Rei Ryuugazaki was definitely horrified and quite surprised in general. He held your laptop shakily in his lap, his fingers practically trembling on the keyboard. He was supposedly curious in your antics, not expecting that this would be something you read about.

It was yaoi, a hardcore one in fact. He wanted to stop, but these were your interests, and he found this story very interesting, despite the parts when it got out of hand.

...his mouth fused with the boy he loved so dearly. His kiss was brutal in its demand for flesh, no exception for the term of “innocent”. As it threw them backward, his arms captured and bound his prey. His hands tore at his friend’s shirt, ripping it almost to shreds. He thrust his hand underneath and up to ravage the soft skin. His hips shoved forward, pressing his-

He then heard a yawn behind him, with the sound of shifting covers. Rei turned his head a bit to see you waking up from your short nap. He immediately closed your laptop abruptly, but enough for you to notice, despite your sleepy form.  

“Hey, Rei…” You yawned, rubbing your eyes, getting up.

“H-Hey, (N-Name)...”He stuttered out, making him utterly guilty.

Your drowsy (e/c) trailed from his blushing face, to your laptop on his lap. Your once sleepy eyes widened, almost out of their sockets. You swiped the contraption out of his lap, giving him a worried look.

“Were you on my laptop?” You accused, almost subjecting to pointing a finger at him in accusation.

Okay, Rei play it cool.

“U-Umm n-no…” The bluenette stuttered, almost coming out like a strangled squeak.

You then gave a questioning brow to him, opening your laptop to check for proof. Sure, enough the document was open, to the really interesting part. YOu blushed red, giving a shocked expression.

“You read it?!” You exclaimed, now feeling an embarrassed blush dust your cheeks.

“NO-I mean, yes-Well, not e-exactly, I was going to close turn it off, but the document file was there. I thought it would be for your studies, so I decided to check for errors, I swear! And so opened it and y’know… r-read it.” Rei said, giving you an also embarrassed expression.

You looked at him, where he had his head down in guiltiness, his arms resting on his knees. You thought for a second.

Yeah, you were kinda mad at him for looking at your stuff, especially this type, but Rei was your friend and he had always looked out for you. Like when he helped on your exams, letting you move in with him in his apartment, stopping you when you almost burned down the house…okay that last one wasn’t true, you only kept hitting the toaster because God didn’t want to give you your poptart today, so instead He wanted to give you a charred apartment instead. Thankfully, Rei was there with his trusty water bottle.
So, you practically had to give him a slice of forgiveness, it was only fair.

“Rei?” You asked, now sitting next to him, putting your hand on his shoulder.

He looked up. D*mn those beautiful amethyst eyes.

“I forgive you, I mean I had to tell you sooner that I was reading...this kinda stuff.”You said, reassuringly.

“I guess so, but I don’t exactly feel right, that I was snooping through your stuff, especially if it was personal.” Rei sadly said, letting out a almost relieved sigh.

“So, what I’m hearing is that you want a punishment for your crimes?” You questioned, a mischievous glint in your eyes.

Cue Rei blushing red.

“N-NO! I just feel guilty for being nosy, that’s a punishment enough!” Rei said, a blush occupying his cheeks, turning the other way.

“I kid, I kid. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t do that  unless you really wanted me to.” You stated bluntly.

“Maybe I do.”

“See, I told you-wait what?”

Rei looked at you dreamily, before realizing what he just said. He covered his mouth, his cheeks reddening.

‘DID I REALLY JUST SAY THAT?! WHAT WAS I THINKING? She’s going to think I’m some sort of pervert-’

“Did you really mean what you just said?” You inquired, making him snap out of his thoughts.

He turned to to meet your gaze. Your bright (e/c) eyes were filled with intent, a questioning look on your features. There was no stopping you now.

“W-Well, make me feel complete, like a missing piece to my puzzle of life. Whenever you look at me, even in the slightest glance, I feel a rush of emotions swelling up in my chest, my heart pounding against my ribcage. You are always so happy and cheerful in any situation you counter, stubborn at most, but handle it so...perfect-”


“Let me finish, your looks are beyond comprehension, it defies the laws of any scientific term I can come up with. Every time, every single time, its looks like a piece of art that belongs in a museum. I can’t ignore the fact, that you don’t even deserve a guy like me-”

You stopped him by applying a pressure to his lips, your own. He stiffened, his purple eyes widening to the brink, crimson filling his cheeks. He wasn’t sure if this was the fireworks exploding, the spark that ignited, or the electricity that surged, but he almost felt like this was coming from a dream. It was from the softness of your lips to the thought of you kissing him. he was went straight to Cloud Nine.

But, before Rei could reply with this act, you parted from this endearing act, now cupping his cheeks.

“You talk too much, Rei. I was just fine with a simple ‘I love you’, but I do appreciate the thought of making me sound like your english essay.” You joked with sincere eyes, feeling his cheeks getting warmer.

“W-Well, you are better than that.” Rei said, shyly rubbing his nose with yours.

“ I guess, I love you, Rei.”

“I love you too and your little imperfections.” He said, before taking a kiss for himself.
I haven't read a good fanfiction about one of these shortas in a long time. :( (Sad) 

Besdies, Rei is my favorite character, so why not? bunneh icon17 
LOVE HIM TO BITS excited Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) Bunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] 

This was a half request for :iconlittle-trancy:

Requests are open for one shots like this, so check out my journal, here's the link Link La

Ciao for now! winky icon for DA 

Free! Belongs to Kyoto Animation

You belong to youRei Ryuugazaki (Dance) [V1] 

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