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"-In conclusion, the ever so famous fictional character, Sherlock Holmes, is by far one of the most profound protagonists in all of British literature and storytelling."


Your head jolted up from that sudden outburst. Your drowsy (e/c) eyes came in contact with emerald green ones. The owner of them seemed almost furious.

"I agree, Arthur, with whatever you said." You said, rubbing your dreary eyes.

"Did you just sleep through my entire speech, (Name)?" Arthur questioned.

"Of course not, sleeping is an understatement." You merely answered.

Arthur's facepalm resounded throughout the whole library.

"Love, you know we have a project to do, if we don't do it we are going to get an F for the semester. I would appreciate if you don't sleep through this session and actually help me." Arthur said through his face palm.

"Sleeping is good for the soul, Arthur. Besides, it's already getting so late, can't we do it tomorrow? Besides, we are going to get caught." You said, looking at your watch, saying 7:05.

"No, can do, love. I'm quite busy tomorrow. Nobody goes up here anyway, explains all the dust." He replied, looking up.

"Doing what?" You replied sleepily, your’s and Arthur’s faces illuminating, due to the candlelight.

"Practicing my cooking."

You snorted.

"No offense, Arthur, but even if you tried, cooking wouldn't save your life." You said, holding back your giggles.

"I-I could've if I set my mind to it, (N-Name)." Arthur said, blushing from embarrassment you guessed.

"Whatever you say, Iggy."

"Don't call me that."

"Fine, Mr. Twerkland"

He slammed both his hands on the table, his face erupting into a fiery red, hoarsely sputtering out:

"Y-You said we would never speak of that subject again!"
A nearby librarian shushed him harshly, making him lower him into his seat in embarrassment.

Supposedly, his brothers slipped some scotch into his tea, while he wasn't looking. Once he took a sip, he was transformed into an incoherent drunk. And you had to walk in on them. Once walked in the room, he just ran towards you and ummm... yeah. That's where the nickname originated, where you and his brother's teasing ever since.

"We'll, it's worth it to see you like this," You said, leaning over the table, poking at his cheeks, red as a tomato.

"kinda cute."

His face then blushed further.

"W-Whatever." He merely whispered, enjoying you poking his cheeks.

"I have another question," You said now lowering yourself in your seat.

"Weren't we supposed to start British Literature next semester? And coincidently had been assigned to a project on the day that I was out? I find it quite odd."

He looked at you for a moment, (e/c) meeting green, before turning his head.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about, love. O-Obviously we were assigned this project, I wouldn't lie to you." He said, still not making eye contact with you.

You quirked an eyebrow at him. He wouldn't exactly lie to you, not if he had good reason, considering you guys were friends.

"Alright, if you say so. I'm just glad I got paired up with you." You said, leaning back into your chair, staring at the ceiling.

"Why is that?"

"Well, you're not only the smartest person I know, but you are probably the most trustworthy also, y'know? Even though you can be quite cynical or bad-tempered, *cue Arthur's big eyebrows narrowing* you are always there for me and I am quite grateful for that, thank you.”

Arthur was shocked. You felt that way about him, he thought. After all this time? In contrast, Arthur felt the same way, but more deeper and more intimate (yes, I said intimate, Arthur shall be a pervert). But, the way that you are implying seems he has been friendzoned. Netherless, he was determined to know your feelings for him, even if he confessed first!

“(Name)?” Arthur asked, his face red.

“Yeah, Arthur?” You said, directing your full attention towards the Brit.

He flinched a little at your gaze, making him rub his neck furiously.

“(N-Name),” He said, now stuttering over his words.

“I-I think I love-”

“Excuse me, dearies!”

You and Arthur directed turned and saw the owner of the voice. It was the librarian that shushed you guys earlier. She looked as old as the library, her gray eyebrows furrowing at you guys.

“It’s already past closing, I hope you whippersnappers know that! If you are going to do anything ‘R-rated’ up here, might as well do it outside! Otherwise, get out unless you want to check something out! ” She snapped.

Arthur and you blushed, both muttering a ‘sorry’. The librarian huffed before going downstairs, muttering something about ‘just when it was about to get good’. You both sat there for a minute, before Arthur said:

“Might as well leave, right? Already late, love.”
“Yeah..” You replied.

“Just pick up for me, gotta check out these books.”  He said, carrying a large stack of books.

“You’re such a nerd, Arthur.”

“Says the one who finished (favorite series) in one day.”

“Touche, I ‘ll meet you outside, ‘kay?”


He then descended down the stairs, with you picking up your guy’s mess, still pondering over the thought of ‘R-rated’.

~Time Skip~

You now sat outside in the cold, occupying a bench in front of the library. It was below freezing, in your mind. Probably because you didn’t have a jacket and you have been outside for at least 15 minutes.

‘What’s taking him so long? I swear if he’s taking his sweet time in there, I’m going to rip those big bushy eyebrows off his face! But, they do make him cute..’ You thought, rubbing your arms.

You shook your head rapidly, feeling red spread across your face.

‘Why am I thinking of this? And why am I blushing? Damn cold-’

You then felt someone cover your eyes, rapidly. Besides screaming and squealing like a little girl, your first instinct was to uppercut the person in the chin. You did it with such force, making the person let out a low grunt and stumble back. You looked behind at your attacker, smiling triumphantly instantly, then fading, seeing who it was.

It was Allistor Kirkland, who now had a purple mark under his chin. He looked out at you, smiling a bit awkwardly.

“H-Hello, lass, scare ya?” He said, now rubbing his chin.

“Yes! What the hell, Allistor!?” You said, now standing up, walking towards him.

“Wanted to scare ya, apparently did the opposite. You got me there.” He said, as you helped him up.

You made him sit next to you on the bench, using a napkin from backpack, to wipe the blood off his mouth. He had no hesitation responding to your action. As you finished up, he tapped his bruised chin.

“Kiss it better?” He said wryly.

“In your dreams, Scottie.” You responded back, pushing him lightly.

“Besides I thought were some rapist or something, when you did that. You really scared the crap out of me. ”

“Oh, do you really degrade me that much, (Name)?” Allistor said, his chin now resting in his palm.

“I shouldn’t degrade that much, you look more like a mugger than a rapist, sorry.” You teased.

“You hurt me, lass.”

“What are you doing here, anyways? Shouldn’t you be home, y’know? Not outside in the cold getting knocked out by a girl.”

“Had to pick up, Mr. Bushy Brows. Still hadn’t got his license yet, too caught up in the books. Besides, if I were to get knocked out by a girl, I’m glad its you.”

“W-Whatever.” you muttered, blushing a bit.

There was a moment of silence, the cold air still nipping at you. You shivered, Alistair noticing this. You heard movement next to you, you shifted your (e/c) eyes. But before you knew it, something was draped across your shoulders. It was Allistor’s jacket, now around your shoulders.

“A-Allistor, its okay. Besides, its freezing, I rather just freeze to death than you.” You said, proceeding to take off the clothing.

He stopped you, placing a hand on your shoulder. You flinched a bit, your eyes meeting his.
“Keep it, alright. I rather see myself suffer than you. Besides, if I do get cold,” He said, removing his hand from your shoulder.

He then put his arm around your shoulders, causing you to blush madly.

“You would just have to warm me up~” He said, smirking and pulling you closer.

“Now I really want to take off the jacket..” You muttered to yourself.

“Y’know you love me lass.” He said, ruffling your hair playfully.

You simply hummed in response.

He smiled, before producing a cigarette from his pocket. You stared at him, lighting the cigarette. He put the item to his mouth, shifting to one corner to his mouth.

“Want one, lass?” He said, gesturing the cigarette box to you.

“No thanks, I don’t want to become a big smoking chimney like you.” You said.

He took the cigarette out his mouth, turned his head towards you to blow a ring of smoke in your face. You coughed harshly, trying to swat out the noxious smoke. He simply smirked, directing his attention to the street in front of you guys.

“Y’know if you keep smoking, you’re going to get sick.” You inquired, still coughing a bit.

“You care about me? You touch my heart.” He nonchalantly said, as if not moved by your statement.

“I do.” You said, putting your hand on his shoulder to make him face you.

“If you end up in hospital, I will worry myself to death about you, day and night. If you end up in the morgue, I will question myself constantly, ‘It should’ve been you, (Name), not Allistor”, grieving, mourning, for something I should’ve stopped. Even Arthur, Allistor. Even your brother. People care about you, they don’t want you to leave, especially if its forever. You should be more considerate of others.”

Allistor looked at you in wonder. You then turned your head, your face flushing from embarrassment. You were pretty sure your face matched his fiery locks.

“B-But, I shouldn’t force you to do something, you should live your life the way you want it.” You said, now stuttering over your words.

“(Name)?” He said, almost in a hoarse whisper.

He grabbed your chin, to make you look at him. He had a determined look, his green eyes boring into your (e/c) ones. You felt his breath on your face, a mixture of a little mint and mostly of ashen smoke.

“You’re the only one whoever cared about me, besides my family. My brothers don’t give a shit about me and my parents just let me do whatever that pleases me. So in other words, your are the only one who cares about me.” He said, a hint of sadness in his tone.

“So listen to me, when I say this.” Allistor continued.

He wanted to know what you felt about him. So badly, confessing was the best thing to do.

“I love-”

“What the hell are you doing, you git?!”

You jumped, Allistor seemed unaffected, instead glaring at his brother. Looks like, Arthur was done.  Arthur and Allistor had a mini staredown, Arthur broke it.

“What are you doing with (Name)?! Were you trying to seduce her into something inappropriate?! You have some nerve, you git-”

“Calm down, Mom. Don’t get your panties in a twist. You oughta have some nerve if you were thinking of something inappropriate, especially with (Name) with it.” Allistor replied, smirking a bit, getting up.

England blushed brightly, almost like a Christmas Tree, Allistor chuckled. Arthur then turned to you, you flinched a bit.

“Did he do anything to you, love? I swear if he-”

“Don’t worry, Arthur. Allistor would never do something like that to me.” You replied.

“Good, anyways,” Arthur said, scratching his neck again.

“What I was trying to say to you in the library..” He said, muttering the last part.
“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.” You said.

“What I was trying to say, was-”

Arthur couldn’t finish his sentence, due to Allistor picking him up by the collar of his shirt. Apparently, Scottie heard every word he said.

“Gotta go, see you later, (Name).” Allistor said, throwing his brother over his shoulder.

“Put me down you, bloody oaf!-” Arthur ranted, but Allistor stopped him by covering his mouth.

You looked at them awkwardly, waving also. You then noticed something.

“Allistor, your j-” You exclaimed.

“Keep it, lass! I’ll get it next time!” He yelled back, his brother still muffling quite loudly.

You looked at the jacket, in your hands.

‘That was...weird.’ You thought, still staring at the jacket.




Later on, you found out that there was no project. Oh, did you give Arthur a major ass-whooping and that was just for sleep deprivation.

~Extended Ending~

“What the bloody hell?! Why did you do that, you git?!” Arthur exclaimed, as they now entered their house together.

“Out of pure instincts, Bushy Brows. Wouldn’t want to you be snogging (Name) in the cold, with me there. Be more considerate to others, well ya?” Allistor countered, proceeding to take off his jacket, realizing that he had none.

Arthur blushed red, as they both entered the living room together.

“Besides, if anyone is going to snog (Name)” Allistor said now sitting on the couch.

“Its going to be me.”

“In your bloody dreams, you drunk. She would rather have a gentleman like me.” Arthur said, now sitting a seat across from him.

“I think I hear a challenge. But, obviously there would be none. The winner is right here.”

The both stared at each other, a tension brewing.

“A challenge for (Name)’s heart, I suppose then?”

“This is first time I will agree with you, this will also include our personal expenses.”




“Got a new book there? That’s the first time I saw you read something other than you’re Harry Potter nonsense.”

“Yes, you git. Apparently, the title is called 50 Shades of Grey. The librarian gave it to me, she even said to keep it.” Arthur simply said, proceeding to open the book.

As quick as a flash, Allistor grabbed the book and threw it into the fireplace, a fire brewing. The book soon burst into flames, ashes producing.

“What the hell was that for?!”

“For safety precautions.”
I just had to add the last part, just for sheer comic relief RDJ Maybe PLZ 

I had a really fun time doing this one! 

I Love The Picture, Hue Hue

Doesn't regret not using Scotland's accent

One more request to do! And its a drawing one! Spazattackplz 

Ciao for Now! winky icon for DA 

Hetalia Characters Belong to Hidekaz Himaruya

Story belongs to :iconmontealfaro:

You belong to :iconsexyscotlandplz: & :iconsexyenglandplz:

Requested by :iconfunkydreamer:

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So Arthur got interrupted telling 'reader' how he felt and reader got interrupted when she was about to say she loved Alistor.... Yeah, Arthur is probably going to loose the challenge.
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XD Anyhow, this was a very detailed and humorous book, which is why I loved it so much!
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Cake Face Markie (Emoticon Gif) *stops*Table Flip  *leaves room* *returns many moments later and continues reading*

... “Got a new book there? That’s the first time I saw you read something other than you’re Harry Potter nonsense.”

“Yes, you git. Apparently, the title is called 50 Shades of Grey. -

Facepalm niall Facepalm3 Danny facepalm *leaves room again* *distant noises of destruction*

I just - I can't even - I have lost the ability to can with this story.
I regret ever reading the wonderfully hilarious piece of awesome sauce fanfiction.
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I still haven't read 50 shades of grey...... still thinking of reading it though... considering I have read such nonsense before.
Oh the things that happen at libraries....
MonteAlfaro Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
Fun fact, if you are going to read it, it wasn't actually a book to begin with.
It was fanfiction for Twilight originally, before the writer made a few MAJOR tweaks to it.
Happy reading!
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oh zank yous!
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The librarian must've been like  WHAT? 
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The Librarian is secretly Author-san in disguise EXO : Kai says Quiet 
Alistair didn't want Arthur to get any ideas rape face 
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God bless Alistair for saving Arthur!
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